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Flaw: Meine Liebe
Zarah: Nein, we are too wicked to ascend there, my love.....I'm afriad we will be descending, instead, to a much darker place...

Sylvia:...I will follow you anywhere....
17. Sep 2005 @ 23:14 ....
Amanda, continue to work on it! Don't be lazy! Post news! Whatever! Do somethiiiing!
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2. Jan 2005 @ 01:21 Greetings.
Well, as the members list says - I'm here for backdrops, some of the violent scenes, and any other photoshop-ing that needs to be done. Also if need be, I can contruct the book through Adobe Pagemaker. Then again, that's all up to our Kamandant here. Looking forward to working with you all here. :)
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15. Nov 2004 @ 14:52 *greetings*
allow me to introduce myself. i am kimberly miller, better known as invidia. i am the other candidate for the role of Zarah. i also wanted to say hello and thank abby and amanda for the possible opportunity to work with both of them.

please feel free to contact me via the links abby was kind enough to post, as well as, my email address - invidiasuicide@yahoo.com.
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16. Okt 2004 @ 23:02 newbie, consultant, cait.
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I am Caitlin, I am here upon request of Rainey to give my opinions, and help with english and style. I haev mixed feelings about your project, simply because of how it might be seen by others of a simpler intelligence. I am terrible at grammar, but I am pretty good at spelling adn like helping people make things better, I can be a perfectionist, but not a tightass.
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14. Okt 2004 @ 18:58 Halt! Warnung!
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